Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunts - Cornwall

Ghost hunts at Bodmin Gaol in Cornwall do not need much introduction. This haunted medieval prison has a barbaric history and shows humanity at its harshest. Not a lot needs to be said about Bodmin Jail in Cornwall due to its famous history, this location definitely speaks for itself. It is a bleak and dire Prison that has an impact on anybody who dares to ghost hunt overnight here. The barbaric conditions of the prisoners are so evident and the taunting of the guards can still be heard as well as the wails of the prisoners through the thick walls. Bodmin Jail Ghost hunts with Haunted Happenings have been carried out here for years as it is such a haunted building. Our ghost hunts at Bodmin Jail are bound to help you encounter the paranormal as the activity here is always phenomenal. Our guests are always treated to the full ghost hunting experience although sometimes they may not be as prepared as they had hoped.

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