Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt - Birmingham
Friday 15th March 2024
Time: 8:00pm - 1:00am

Steelhouse Lane Ghost Hunt - Birmingham - Friday 15th March 2024

Your Ghost Hunt at Steelhouse Lane
Discover the hidden lock up in central Birmingham at Steelhouse Lane Police Station!

Steelhouse Lane Police Station and Prison has an oppressive and chilling atmosphere. There is a harshness here with a sense of dread and foreboding making it a challenge for those who dare to spend the night within the walls of the infamous Steelhouse Lane. Chilling screams can be heard from the darkened cells and the sound of hobnailed boots are often heard as if someone is pacing in the empty cells.

The old gaol has a haunting reputation and during your night here with Haunted Happenings you will have access to the prison where even Birmingham's most hardened criminals were said to have begged not to be sent. During your overnight ghost hunt in Birmingham at the infamous Steelhouse Lane Police Station and Prison you will be taking part in vigils, seances and paranormal experiments, including the use of all equipment and guided by the experienced team.  

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Your Event Includes

  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc.
  • Experiments including glass divination, table tipping and Ouija Boards.
  • Workshop and separate vigils for returning guests.
  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups.
  • Includes teas and coffees
  • Free time to investigate alone

Address, Maps & Hotels

Address & Hotel Information

The Lock Up West Midlands Police Museum Steelhouse Lane Birmingham B4 6NW

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  • Street Parking and Local Car Parks


  • This location is not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties

  • All attendees must be 18 years or older
  • All attendees must bring a torch
  • Wear sensible shoes and warm layered clothing as the location may get cold at night

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