D Day Tunnels - Portsmouth, Hampshire
There are many reported sightings of ghosts inside these dark and harrowing tunnels

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The D Day Tunnels in Portsmouth were once a closely guarded secret, so secretive in fact that discovering them today is not an easy task. These eerie tunnels hold memories of a period of history that could have changed our lives for ever. The network of linked tunnels gives us plenty of scope for ghost hunting as we have access to the WW2 bunker and the telecommunications relating to the Cold War.  

The D Day Tunnels really is a location of mystery and intrigue and with so many reported sightings of ghostly activity alongside the sounds of distant radio communication it is an intense place to spend the night. Many people have reported paranormal activity in these vast tunnels but perhaps the most sinister is that of a sudden black mass that descends on unsuspecting individuals leaving them terrified.

D Day Tunnels

Your Ghost Hunt at The D Day Tunnels

Your ghost hunt inside the dark and creepy D Day Tunnels includes the opportunity to explore who or what still resides here and why the energy is thought to be so negative. You will take part in experiments in the most active areas including:

Table Tipping
Glass Moving
Ouija Boards
Watch and Wait Vigils
Use of Electronic Equipment

You will also have some time to investigate yourselves to ensure that you have your own opportunity to investigate, if you are brave enough.

History of The D Day Tunnels

Housing around 700 workers who were responsible for the co-ordination of Operation Overlord, the code name for the Normandy Landings, the D Day Tunnels provided a mass communication centre for the armed forces, Army, Air Force and Navy. The Normandy landings was a huge operation and is thought to be the biggest in history. There are over 1.5 miles of linked tunnels below the fort which were created in 1942 by Royal Engineers. They provided a bombproof and safe environment to work on some of the most important military decisions during both World War 2 and The Cold War. In fact it was such an important location that the Russians had not one, but two nuclear warheads trained on it during the Cold War Period.

The D Day Tunnels is considered to be one of the most secretive locations in modern times and still remains difficult to find to this day. It provided the allied forces the opportunity to plot their attacks and strategies in what they thought was relative safety. 

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