Bannockburn House - Stirling, Stirlingshire
Once derelict, this isolated Scottish Mansion holds some terrifying secrets!

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Nestled out of sight in the Stirlingshire Scottish woodlands lies Bannockburn House. Once left derelict, this magnificent Scottish mansion has many ghostly stories to tell. The spirits here are said to be oblivious to the passing of time and once the building falls into darkness, they are often known for their intense paranormal activity. From doors slamming to shadows being seen in empty rooms, creepy footsteps and unseen hands touching unsuspecting visitors, Bannockburn House is the perfect location for an intense night of ghost hunting.

Bannockburn House

Ghosts of Bannockburn House

Many spirits who once lived at Bannockburn House are still said to roam this magnificent and extremely terrifying location, including that of a military man who is reported to tug on visitors’ belongings and the spirit of a child who likes to be very playful. Wrist watches are often known to stop in certain areas of the building.
Swirling mists have been witnessed, blood curdling screams echo around the upper floors and doors have been heard slamming from empty rooms and corridors around this haunted mansion.

History of Bannockburn House

Hidden away in the Scottish woodland stands a 17th Century Category A listed mansion known as Bannockburn House. One of Scotland’s most haunted buildings.
Believed to have been built on top of a building called Drummond’s Hall, Bannockburn House, as it stands today was completed in 1675 by Sir Hugh Paterson. The work inside the house was crafted by two highly skilled craftsmen; Houlbert and Dunsterfield who produced ornate ceilings within the mansion.
The mansions most notable guest was Bonnie Prince Charlie who briefly visited and dined with Sir Hugh in September 1745.
After the passing of Sir Hugh, the mansion passed hands to his daughter Mary who then sold the estate to William Ramsay in 1787, later being sold by the Ramsay family in 1883. Bannockburn House has passed hands many times through its life and it now cared for by dedicated volunteers who have thought to have witnessed some terrifying hauntings.

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