Ancient Ram Inn - Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire
Said to be the most haunted house in Europe

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The Ancient Ram Inn, possesses a sinister and terrifying entity. Join Haunted Happenings on an overnight ghost hunt at the Ancient Ram Inn. With such a mixture of activity this location has every ingredient for a fantastic ghost hunt.

Ancient Ram Inn

Ghosts of The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is famous throughout the world for its history of hauntings and Paranormal activity. The Ancient Ram has been witness to ghostly activity for many years relating back as far as Pagan times, the land that the old inn was built has shown evidence of burials and even sacrifices. In the former bar room several apparitions have been seen along including an old Inn keeper and his daughters. Frequently encountered is the spirit of a lady by known as Elizabeth, Elizabeth is believed to have been murdered and buried beneath the bar.

The Bishops room is thought to be the area where the most daunting activity takes place with numerous sightings in this room which include the ghost of a cavalier and two lustful spirits (an incusbus and a succubus). The ghost of a young lady seen hanging from the ceiling. Apparitions of Monks have been seen on frequent occasions. In the old barn adjoining the building unexplained tall dark shadows have been seen creating a harrowing atmosphere with people frozen to the spot with fear.

History of The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn, a Grade II listed building was a former pub and B&B which is located in Wotton under Edge. A small market town within the district of Stroud in Gloucestershire is thought to be intensely haunted, in fact it is thought to be one of the most haunted houses in the country. The Ancient Ram Inn has been owned by numerous people since it was built in 1145 including being owned by St. Mary's Church when it was first built. It now belongs to a private family who embrace the hauntings and ghosts of this famous building.The former Inn has a history dating back to the 12th century, built on the site of an ancient pagan burial ground. The Inns first recorded use was for housing masons who worked on the construction of the local Church. The Property then came under the ownership of the Church and housed the local Bishop hence the famous 'Bishops Room' The Original property is believed to have been much larger than the size of the building that stands today.

In the Bar area of the Inn there are the remains of a tunnel system, which is thought to link the Inn with the local church. The property finally became an Inn during the late 19th century, before John Humphries the present owner bought it in 1968, the inn is now a private residence.

The once Bishop of Gloucester the Rt Rev John Yates, is said to have tried and failed to exorcise the Ancient Ram and was quoted in the Western Daily Press as saying "it was the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit". Bristol University discovered evidence of Pagan sacrifice when during an excavation a grave was discovered with the remains of a woman and child were unearthed, with knives being found along with their remains.

Priests used the inn years ago as a keeping house for slaves and workers who helped construct the St. Mary Church. In 1930, the inn was bought by Maurice de Bathe. Since then the inn has become a private property and it has changed hands several times.

The land where the inn is built is on the intersection of 2 Ley Lines. These are places which people believe to have high spiritual energy. When you use a map, you can trace the lines all the way through the centre of Stonehenge. According to legend, Stonehenge has energy which travels through the Ley Lines to feed the paranormal power found in the Ancient Ram Inn. Furthermore an ancient Pagan burial ground is reported to have resided in the location over 5,000 years ago.

John Humphries bought the building in 1968 from brewers for £2,600. He saved the building from demolition and he has made it his entire life's mission to save the structure from falling apart. John sadly died in late 2017, his daughter has now stepped in and works closely with all paranormal groups to oversee these events and to safeguard all those who wish to spend the night ghost hunting at the Ancient Ram Inn.

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