The Ancient Ram Inn - Wotton Under Edge
The Ancient Ram Inn has a reputation as one of the most chilling places in the UK to spend the night...


Spend the night at The Ancient Ram Inn with the Haunted Happenings Team.

This infamous inn has a reputation as being one of the most harrowing places in the UK to spend the night. The Ancient Ram has been investigated by several national and international ghost hunters in the past and rarely fails to send a chill down the spine of the most hardened investigators.

An overwhelming feel of being watched from the darkest recesses is so strong that people have fled in fear. Dark shadows appear in the doorway to the barn and poltergeist activity has been rife in this daunting area. In the bar an apparition has been seen, is the spirit of Elizabeth? Elizabeth is believed to have been murdered and buried beneath the bar.

The Bishops room is thought to be the one of the most haunted rooms in the country, a room where terrifying activity has been witnessed, a ghost of a young lady has been seen hanging from the ceiling. Apparitions of Monks being seen in The Bishops room along with the ghostly figure of a cavalier are frequently reported

The land upon which the inn is built has produced evidence of pagan rituals also being a pagan burial ground. 2 Ley Lines run through the heart of The Ancient Ram these Ley Lines can be traced through Glastonbury Tor and onto the very centre of Stonehenge.  Legend has it that Stonehenge has energy which travels through the Ley Lines to feed the paranormal power found in the Ancient Ram Inn

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