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Rifles Museum Ghost Hunts - Salisbury

The Rifles Museum in Salisbury has a long history of paranormal activity, with books flying from shelves, heavy footsteps from empty rooms and even the apparition of a woman who is seen on a regular basis by staff. Your overnight ghost hunt at The Rifles Museum will give you an honest opportunity to experience ghostly activity and may leave you running for the door. Ghost hunts here can be very intense and only the bravest should consider attempting a lone vigil within its walls. Join Haunted Happenings for a ghost hunt you will not soon forget.

If you are interested in an event which is sold out please call us on 0115 9720570. We sometimes have last minute cancellations and we may be able to accommodate you on the event.

Ghost Hunts at The Rifles Museum - Saturday 6th June 2015 WAS £49.00 All remaining places NOW £44.00 Ghost hunting experiences at the Rifles Musem in Salisbury have become synonymous with intense paranormal activity. The current house dates back to the 1540s and people have reported many unexplained....

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Location:Salisbury SP1 2EX
Date: Saturday 6th June 2015
Places Available: 8
Event Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am
Cost: £44.00 per person
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Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt  - Saturday 26th September 2015 With links to King Charles II and a sinister history, The Rifles Museum in Salisbury is fast becoming a favourite for ghost hunters. This is not surprising as the evidence is mounting up here and the....


Location:Salisbury SP1 2EX
Date: Saturday 26th September 2015
Places Available: 24
Event Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am
Cost: £49.00 per person - Deposit option!
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The Team

The Haunted Happenings Team are dedicated to ensuring that you are given the best opportunities possible in your search for paranormal activity. All of our team members are friendly, approachable and will work tirelessly to make sure that any event that you attend with Haunted Happenings is an enjoyable experience. We cannot guarantee how terrified you will be on a ghost hunt with Haunted Happenings but we can guarantee that your time with us is the very best that it can be.

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