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Welcome to Haunted Happenings the UK’s largest and most popular ghost hunting company. We offer terrifying overnight ghost hunts at some of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

Over 84,184 guests have joined us on a thrilling and eventful night of ghost hunting. We welcome group bookings of 4 people or more on our ghost hunt events and can assure you that your group will always be kept together. Haunted Happenings pledge that in the unlikely occurrence that we need to cancel an event all of those guests will receive a full refund.

Ghost Hunting with Katrina Paling, David Hasselhoff and Hazel Ford
Haunted Happenings - Your Ghost Hunt Starts Here

Saturday 26th July - £49.00

Newark Castle Ghost Hunt

Ghost hunting events at Newark Castle in Nottinghamshire are rare and we have exclusive access to this haunted castle. Dating back to the 12th Century and with a history of murder,.... Read More

Newark NG24 1BG

Friday 1st August - £65.00

Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt

Haunted Happenings are returning to unlock 3 of the most active locations in haunted Nottingham. An extreme ghost hunting experience like no other. We will be investigating 3 of the.... Read More

Nottingham NG1 1HN

Saturday 2nd August - £59.00

Alton Towers Ghost Hunt

Long passageways and spiral staircases that lead to darkened rooms are what await you on an overnight ghost hunt at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. This is a notoriously haunted building,.... Read More

Staffordshire ST10 4DB


Haunted Happenings and Spooky Nights are always looking for the best haunted locations and we have really come up trumps with these two. The Towers Abandoned Asylum is an event that will never fail to impress, it ticks every box for a successful if not terrifying overnight ghost hunt.

The Block in Burton on Trent is a sinister building that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck as you walk around in the day time. Imagine how intense it is going to be when you spend the night here, particularly in the haunted attic.

Haunted Happenings Ghost Hunt with ITV Borders

The ITV crew and Haunted Happenings join forces to explore the hauntings of Jedburgh Jail. On 10th May 2014 Haunted Happenings carried out a very special ghost hunt at one of the most haunted prisons in the UK. Sitting on the border of Scotland and England, this Jail rested on the site of a castle that had seen its fair share of brutality and dehumanising behaviour. The jail itself was almost a place of sanctuary during its period of use due to the inhospitable conditions of the era. This is what we discovered on our night of ghost hunting. The ITV crew and guests were transfixed as we constantly picked up on the spirits of females and elderly prisoners. This was a great night of ghost hunting and certainly a night for us all to remember.

Ghosts of Centuries Past – Jamaica Inn

Writer and journalist, Girija Duggal recently joined Haunted Happenings for an overnight ghost hunt at the Jamaica Inn..


Through these portals passed smugglers, wreckers, villains and murderers. But rest easy...t'was many years ago.” The words, emblazoned above the entrance to the Smugglers Bar at Jamaica Inn, are meant to assuage modern-day visitors. But for those who know the dark slate-and-stone building's paranormal secrets, the words do little to mitigate the aura of foreboding that surrounds it,especially on a dark night like tonight.

The 18th-century Inn holds the infamous reputation of being one of Britain's most haunted spots its notorious past as a halfway house for smugglers providing ample fodder for many a strange tale. - read her account of the eerie evening right here....

Halloween 2014

Although a few months away we know that you like to be prepared so we have a fantastic array of locations for you to select from this Halloween at amazing prices such as Woodchester Mansion, Cornwall Weekend, Falstaffs, Guys Cliffe House, Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital, Ordsall Hall, Oxford Castle, Ragged School, Skirrid Inn and Armley Mills. For a full listing of our Halloween Events please click here


This year we are giving away 2 FREE places throughout the Halloween Week on each of our 18 spooky overnight ghost hunts. This includes 31st October 2014. More Information

Transylvania Tour 2014

This has to go down as one of the most amazing experiences ever and the Haunted Happenings Team and guests alike will all agree that this 4 day tour to Transylvania was brilliant in every sense of the word. 


Due to the immense success of our first venture into Europe we truly believe that we have all the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that we can make future events just as successful.  We are therefore going to repeat the Transylvanian Tour and put together packages in other very haunted locations in Europe – there are so many to choose from. 


Read more about Transylvaian Tour 2014

Haunted Happenings & Emmerdale

On 15th June 2013, the Haunted Happenings team and guests were joined by some famous faces from the popular ITV Soap Emmerdale to take part in an overnight charity ghost hunt at the very haunted Armley Mills in Leeds. This event was in support of local charity, Ruddi's Retreat, who provide holidays for those families with children affected by Cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. The event was a huge success with cast members experiencing some truly terrifying moments. Together we are proud to announce that we raised over £4,000 for this amazing charity.

Cast members who joined the ghost hunt include Gaynor Faye, Kelli Hollis and Nicola Wheeler and our friends at Real Or Otherside captured all the action of the night on film. They also managed to film some amazing paranormal activity and raw interviews with the cast and guests. We have a small taster of this haunting footage here. We also have a limited number of copies of the full video available to purchase from The Paranormal Shop priced at £9.99 each. Profits from the sale of the DVD will go to Ruddi's Retreat and you can pre order your dvd here.

The Paranormal Shop

The Paranormal Shop is a one-stop shop for the ghost hunting enthusiast, with products such as K2 meters, Laser Thermometers, Dowsing Crystals and Ghost Boxes, all of which are perfect for your overnight ghost hunting adventures and paranormal investigations.

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat that special person in your life to one of the most unique gift ideas imaginable with a Haunted Happenings experience voucher? Gift vouchers can be purchased in values from £25 to £250 and can be redeemed against any of our overnight ghost hunt events. More Information

Haunted Happenings – A favourite with Celebrities and Film Makers

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  • Woman In Black - Fortune Theatre
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Media Work by Haunted Happenings

Ghost hunting with David Hasselhoff, Scott Mills, TalkTalk, Ideal Home Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Paramount Pictures, Absolute Radio and many more.... Haunted Happenings are highly regarded by the horror industry, this includes International Film Companies, International Brands and some amazing new DVD releases including the new DVD, Conjuring. To find out what other guests have experienced on our events please Read More


Thank you to the team Wayne, Jen & Bradley, & of course to the fantastic historian Simon. We have had an unforgettable weekend with you all on Pendle Hill & at Samlesbury Hall for our first ever ghost hunts. If I had known.....
Suzi Wrigley - Lancaster Witch Weekend

Last nights ghost hunt was one of the most unique things I have ever experienced. ..... the location and team were amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rachel Kirby - Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

Well, what can I say? This was our first ever ghost hunt and we were not disappointed! We would like to thank the team for an unforgettable night. We are really looking forward to the next event and I think we may have found.....
Aimee Lewis - Coalhouse Fort Ghost Hunt

I attended the ghost hunt at the Galleries of Justice last night and would just like to thank all the staff who made the event so enjoyable. They were very helpful, professional and made the event a once in a lifetime experience......
Nick Appell - Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt

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Martyn Boyes

Martyn BoyesMartyn is a father of two and lives in Nottingham. He is a co-founder of Haunted Happenings and built the very first website with Hazel Ford. So much has happened since that day in 2007 and from a little acorn grew a successful and thriving business which he is extremely proud of. Martyn has grown with the Company and is a major contributor to the managing of the events and selection of the team members. His forte lies with the website itself and due to his outstanding work this website is continuously being imitated by other companies. However, everything is bespoke and all done by Martyn’s own fair hand.


The continued success of Haunted Happenings lies with the dedication, commitment and desire for excellence and Martyn has certainly proved this with the work that he has done. He is a valued member of the Haunted Happenings Team in every way. His work is invaluable and it is fair to say that the business could not function without him.


Hazel Ford

Hazel Ford Hazel is a Mother of 3 and lives in Nottingham. She is also the Founder of Haunted Happenings. The business idea came from a love of ghost hunting. She loved the experience so much that she couldn’t wait until she could attend another ghost hunt as a guest with other companies. It wasn’t long before she realised that she had the skills to build a Company who could be the leader in this field and has done this with bells on.


Hazel has always ensured that Haunted Happenings has ethical, honest and likeable people working on the ghost hunts themselves and is very, very proud of her team. Her love of ghost hunting and her continued success with Haunted Happenings has led to so many other opportunities which Hazel will always cherish. Working with the Hoff and other celebrities has lasting memories but nothing equates to watching and working with such a fabulous Company as Haunted Happenings is and consistently having amazing guests, team and locations to work with. Hazel knows that Haunted Happenings has not reached its pinnacle yet and will not settle until the business is working internationally as well as around the whole of the UK. Many, many personal sacrifices have been made over the years to ensure that the company has the ability to grow and succeed but she knows that she would do it all again tomorrow if that is what it takes.


Katrina Paling

Katrina PalingKatrina is a Mother of 3 daughters and lives in Nottingham. She is a co-founder of Haunted Happenings and what started out as a part time job at the kitchen table with Hazel Ford, grew into an amazingly unique business. Katrina is not the best ghost hunter (she gets scared), but she is certainly brilliant at organisation, administration and talking to guests about this unique and terrifying experience. Katrina works tirelessly to make Haunted Happenings the best Company of this type and brings a high standard of ethics and quality to all that she does. Katrina is not as active with Haunted Happenings due to personal commitments but she knows her admin site inside out and backwards and can spot a potential problem a mile away.


Katrina is involved in the planning of events and knows instinctively what will make a successful ghost hunting experience for each customer that she talks to. She is an asset to this wonderful company and always will be.


Wayne Spurrier

Wayne Spurrier Wayne’s ghost hunting journey began with Haunted Happenings in 2009, but he has been fascinated with all things paranormal since an experience at a very young age. With an open mind, a healthy scepticism and an appreciation for the many historic locations we get to explore, Wayne approaches every ghost hunt with enthusiasm and loves sharing these encounters with our ghost hunting guests. With more than 400 ghost hunts under his belt Wayne has had several experiences which have affirmed his personal belief in the Paranormal, but is always looking for more and will be found in the darkest, most frightening parts of any location asking “is there anybody there”?


Paul Dutton

Paul Dutton Paul’s interest in the Paranormal began at a very young age, age 7 to be precise when he had two very strange occurrences around the passing of his Grand Father. From that point onwards his interest with the unexplained grew but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when he got involved in his very first ghost hunt, from that night on his interest in the paranormal intensified finding himself in spooky places whenever the opportunities arose.


In 2010 Paul and a couple of friends attended an event with Haunted Happenings and what a fantastic experience, Paul says that they were given the freedom to carry out their own investigations as well as get involved with people with all different levels of ghost hunting experience and help them to experience the paranormal. A couple of months later he was invited along to a Haunted Happenings event as a helper and the rest is history. Paul says that he does sometimes think that he was in the wrong job as to be honest he has always had a fear of the dark. You will never find him wandering around Haunted Happenings locations alone!


Emma Spurrier

Emma Spurrier Emma is an integral part of the Haunted Happenings office team and although she doesn’t get to as many ghost hunts as she would like due to the demands of motherhood, she loves discovering and researching new places for our ghost hunting guests to enjoy. With one or two personal experiences that couldn’t be explained, Emma believes there is definitely something out there, but is still waiting for that ‘ultimate proof’ and is looking forward to attending many more ghost hunts in the future. You will generally find Emma closest to the exit on a ghost hunt, with her finger hovering over the 'on' switch of her torch!