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Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunts - Warwick

Guy's Cliffe House in Warwick is a haunted gothic mansion. Used as a Masonic Lodge it has an eerie and uncomfortable feeling about it. The building itself has many areas to investigate with caves, cellars, house ruins and a Masonic Temple which is particularly active. Shapes are often seen wandering around during a vigil in this area. This building can be a terrifying experience and has delivered some phenomenal poltergeist activity on previous ghost hunts.

Guys Cliffe House has such a variety of areas to investigate and offers many opportunities for lone vigils in some really frightening spaces.

Your ghost hunt here will leave you in little doubt of the existence of ghosts and may even have you running for the door.

If you are interested in an event which is sold out please call us on 0115 9720570. We sometimes have last minute cancellations and we may be able to accommodate you on the event.

Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt Special-Spooky Nights Event - Saturday 12th September 2015 Guys Cliffe House lies hidden from view in Warwickshire and is a superb location for ghost hunting. With a number of dark and spooky areas to explore, the opportunity to carry out experiments and vigils....


Location:Warwick CV34 5YD
Date: Saturday 12th September 2015
Places Available: 20
Event Time: 8.30pm - 1.30am
Cost: £49.00 per person - Deposit option!
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Ghost Hunt at Guys Cliffe House - Saturday 24th October 2015 Guys Cliffe Mansion in Warwickshire - a Gothic Mansion that is shrouded in mystery. This ghost hunt gives our ghost hunters exclusive access to many dark and chilling areas. The Masonic Lodge has an atmosphere....


Location:Warwick CV34 5YD
Date: Saturday 24th October 2015
Places Available: 22
Event Time: 9:30pm - 3:00am
Cost: £59.00 per person - Deposit option!
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The Haunted Happenings Team are dedicated to ensuring that you are given the best opportunities possible in your search for paranormal activity. All of our team members are friendly, approachable and will work tirelessly to make sure that any event that you attend with Haunted Happenings is an enjoyable experience. We cannot guarantee how terrified you will be on a ghost hunt with Haunted Happenings but we can guarantee that your time with us is the very best that it can be.

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