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Postby pauld on January 29th, 2012, 12:31 pm

Morning fellow inmates !!!!

HH second investigation at this fantastic location.

As we were having a walk round before the guests arrived we were all feeling a little uneasy in the men’s wing, a pebble spun across the floor in front of us but we can’t be 100% sure one of us didn’t kick it ????
Julie also had the toilet cubicle light turn off on her....the switch for the light was inside the locked cubicle with her???

The team for the night was myself, Martyn, Paul H, Julie and Mark

Intro’s safety and plan for the night done everyone was keen to get into the prison

The history walk was done by Doug and his team who brought the prison to life and it was not a very nice life at all.

We then split down into 2 groups for the medium walks and sensing workshop, as we had so many returning guests, once they had done the medium walk they went off with Julie for a mini vigil

Once again the sensing workshop gave some great results, names descriptions and dates confirmed by Doug the prison historian. This workshop never fails to amaze wherever we try it.

Some stories came back from the mini vigil which I’m sure we will read about later.

Time for some ghost hunting.....breaking down into small teams I took the men’s wing, Martyn in the women’s wing, Paul and Julie in the chapel and Mark taking the governors quarters.

Again some fantastic stories coming from vigils in all areas....

We did two vigils back to back then an hour’s free time followed by two more vigils before we knew it time was running out with still so much to discover about this fantastic location.

During the time spent in the men’s wing the activity in all groups was constant, we were treated to some very direct and precise glass moving, smells, touching, multiple reports of light anomalies, K2 staying on as requested, when we asked for two lights we got two, during the third vigil the torch that was in the condemned mans cell was responding on request. In the last vigil Matt sort of volunteered to go on a lone vigil..... he was placed in a small cell on level two.... and hopefully Matt will share with us what happened during this lone vigil, I think it is safe to say Matt went into the cell ‘on the fence’ but in a short space of time came out as a total believer.....

I have not gone into too much detail on names of the spirits we come across and certain soldiers we made contact with because I would love you all to come and discover this gem of a location for yourselves. The accuracy of what we were getting amazed us as Doug showed us certain things that were not on display to the public which backed up what we were getting.

My third time to this location and the best yet and I do feel we have only scratched the surface, there is so much more to come.
This location has everything, fantastic facilities, brilliant on site team and last night was extremely active..... (oh and free onsite parking)

Looking forward to reading about what you all got in the other vigils and free time, and what you thought of the night and location.

Thanks to everyone involved in making last night’s investigation a memorable one and special thanks to Doug and the team at the prison for looking after us all

Til next time

Paul D x

Team photo will be on haunted happenings facebook later today.
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Postby laurajanelord on January 29th, 2012, 1:46 pm

Wow, what an amazing location, I would say this is the best event I have been on yet, and I have been on quite a few now.
As soon as I went in the womens wing i felt an un nerving feeling.Zoe and I volunteered to spend 40 mins in one of the cells(forgot which, the condemed womans cell i think) well what i can i say about that experience very strange but im sure the whole experience is on video LOL - We had the name Sarah come through very strong, and also an image showed up on a photograph of which we could only describe as a figure with an old fashioned broom(like a broomstick -sweeping)]

When i was in the men's wing ( the double cell) i didnt like it at all , had a very strange sensation of being suffocated- strangled and suddenley became very faint and had the urge that i had to leave the room,which i did and immediately felt better as soon as i was in the corridor. When we did a vigil in the cell later on a lot of lights were seen and the glass was very active, and me and a couple of other guests had a very strong smell of tobacco( A very strong stale odour)

The chapel was a very somba room, temperatures in here fluctauted and at times felt icy cold especailly sitting on the back row- When I was here at the end of the night, there was zoe, Julie, and Paul H on the back row and we all developed a cough which was quite odd as it stopped when we left the room.

Lots of activity with the ouija, table and calling out- lots of lights , sounds and experiences were had, a truely historical event to go on- Ill definately be going back!!!!!

Id like to say a big thank you to our team of the night: Mark(pyscic) Marytn,Paul and Paul and Julie you all worked so hard and cant wait to meet ya again at another event

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Postby paulheseltine on January 29th, 2012, 3:02 pm

Lincoln Prison - what a fantastic location - this was mine and Julie's first visit here and we would like to come back again.

The event was Hostel by Paul, assisted by myself, Julie, Martyn and Mark.

We had a quick walk around prior to the guest arriving and when we entered the Men's prison the atmosphere definitely changed.

Once the guests arrived we had the history walk around followed by the Medium walkabout - and it was interesting to see that the guests were picking up quick a lot - *I supposed it helped having a lot of returning guests.

After the medium walkabout Julie took some die-hard investigators to the condemned cell. The punishment cell was too small for us all to fit into! Immediately a prisoner came through, courtesy of guest Gaynor, who was called Jack. He did not like Julie at all as he was against women. All guests felt a dark presence in the cell, together with cold spots and shadows. Although Jack did seem quite aggressive he did follow Julie to the chapel and spoke on the ouija board and glass moving in the next 3 groups. He did apologise to Julie for his attitude and they then formed a bond as Julie asked him to be truthful and she would not judge. He then gave out lots of information to the groups. Thank you Jack for your honesty! It was nice to see the second group be amazed by the glass moving as they had not seen it before.

For the vigils myself and Julie were positioned in the Chapel, where we carried out Ouija board sessions, together with putting some of the guests in the convict holes both at the front and the convicted row at the top. The first two groups both picked up on Jack on the board and glass moving, there were also temperature changes in the convicted area at the top.

During the guest free time myself and Julie were asked by Zoe and Laura to join them in an ouija board session in the condemned cell, where we had some fantastic movement, together with myself and Zoe picking up the same name Albert but at different times during the night. Best of all were 2 light anomalies spotted by both Julie and Sue, another guest in the room.

The third vigil again picked up on Jack in the Chapel - the best was saved til last with the fourth Vigil with Julie, Zoe and Laura all sitting in the convicted area at the top and all started coughing at the same time for no apparent reason - this all stopped when they left this area. The final few minutes were spent with a group of 4 guest on the ouija board picking up a prison chaplain who was refusing to allow any inmates to talk to us. He also provided taps in the chapel on command and we also heard walking up to the pulpit and then all of a sudden a bat appeared from nowhere apparently sent by the guard!!!

All in all a fantastic night with lots of activity for all the guests who really got involved and ensured the energy levels were kept high all night.

Thank you to Paul, Penny, Martyn and Mark and not forgetting the Prison staff who all looked after us superbly all night.

Hope to see you all again on another investigation soon.

Paul and Julie
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Postby tracy1971 on January 29th, 2012, 6:19 pm

Hi, All I can say is OMG !!!
What a fantastic night. I went to this event believing that there are things and people around us that make unexplainable things happen but I was more scared of what might happen than when I actually got there.
On the first activity that I was on I picked up on a young lady and she gave me some information which I passed onto the group (the whole time I was informing the group what had been said to me I thought that they are going to think you have lost your mind) but I gave the information anyway as we had been told that we would get more out of it if we were honest about what we felt, saw and heard.
As the night progressed the young lady came back to me and to others and when we asked her questiions whilst on the glass and table and boards the information she gave me in the beginning was reitterated. Needless to say I'm now hooked.
During the night I experienced tables being moved with only a light touch from our fingers being on them when we asked questions, glasses being moved around tables in answer to questions, Tapping once or twice to answer yes or no to questiions that were asked, being pushed forward without feeling anyones hands and getting red hot whilst this was happening, and I also felt something tight around my throat to the point that I thought I was going to be sick ... I had to break the chain of hands immediately and run from the room .... As soon as I left the room the tightening stopped and by the time I got to the toilets I felt no sickness at all ...... UNBELIEVABLE.

This is an amazing experience and I would love to do it again (and definately will)

Don't be scared going on these events as nothing is there to hurt you they just want to talk .

I would like to thank everyone that was there to help us with the night from Haunted Happenings, The Castle Staff and everyone else on the event it was fantastic.

Will definately see you again.

Happy Ghost hunting

Tracy Richards
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Postby wayne on January 29th, 2012, 7:08 pm

Sounds like an incredible experience Tracy - I must go to Lincoln Prison soon!

Glad you enjoyed the night and it certainly sounds like you threw yourself into it 100% and got the rewards.

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Postby emma&tom on January 29th, 2012, 7:54 pm

Well... I don't really know where to start about my experiences at Lincoln Prison.

On the historic walk round i picked up on a couple of spirits including a nasty guard who would stand at the top of the stairs in the mens cells who would be known to push you about. Also, a young girl who was sobbing because she can't find her mother.
During one group vigil in the womens ward we were all holding hands and one guest was complaining of an uncomfortable feeling on her neck... She told the spirit to direct that energy onto me and straight away a sensation of burning on my face. Moments later i got a red mark on my face that took a while to go down! If anyone wants to see the mark then please ask, i never touched or scratched my face. Quite a strange experience!! Numerous blue and white lights were seen along with the cells getting darker and darker with more direct and probing questions!
On our last ouiji board we ended up in contact with a chaplain who demanded respect from us and refused any of the other prisoner spirits to answer our questions. We asked for knocking sounds and we got them on demand. Also when asked for a sign, a bat suddenly appeared!! All of us had been in there all night without a bat flying around our heads so whether that was our sign from spirit remains a mystery!! Definitely took us back a bit!
Our night was so eventful i couldnt possibly be able to write it all down.
So for all budding ghost hunters out there... This is CERTAINLY not one to miss out on!
I have done a few events now with HH and i must say this HAS to be in my top 3 favourite locations. Tom throughly enjoyed his night and as someone who was sat on the fence... This location has made him think twice!
We have had an amazing night and i would like to thank all the HH team for yet another fantastic ghost hunting opportunity and can't wait for Woodchester mansion in march!!
All my love and safe hunting!
Emma xxx
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Postby laurajanelord on January 29th, 2012, 8:05 pm

Attn: Emma

Hi it was me that asked the spirit to direct his energy to you, that was well freaky, i noticed your red mark on your cheek in the refreshment room, i was going to mention it to you as it was a very unusual mark.

I forgot to mention in my blog about the experience your partner and i had when we were joined hands in the circle in the mens condemed cell- our linked hands were raised on request this was a very odd senstation- there was definate pressure from our elbows which raised our arms quite high!

All in all a very active night

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Postby emma&tom on January 29th, 2012, 8:10 pm

Laura... It was a pretty weird experience to say the least! Haha. But at least we got a reaction from the spirit! My face is no longer red now and all good. Haha. I am glad you had a great night, yes Tom mentioned about your arms, how strange... And what a strange place! Our group seemed to have a lot of things happen which was a great thing to experience and be a part of!
Ems x
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Postby Martyn on January 29th, 2012, 8:42 pm

Hi all

This was my second visit to Lincoln Prison along with Paul and I have to say this is a fantastic location and is a must for all ghost hunters.

We started the evening with a history walk round with the prison staff, who came apparently dressed for the occasion, even down to a male prisoner. After the history tour we split into 2 groups, with myself and Paul taking the workshops. Paul conducted a opening up session with some very interesting results.

For the vigils I was in the women's section of the prison, this area was not the darkest part of the prison but held a few surprises for us. Throughout the night we had some very good glass moving, table tipping. In the cells we also had reports of lights, a mist that seemed to moved around one of the cells and there was also reports of taps and footsteps.

But without going into too much detail, I have to say that that table tipping produced some interesting results, including a name and age being confirmed. These details were picked up on earlier in the workshops by one of the guests.

Once again this location produced some fantastic results and I look forward to reading more of the guests experiences.

Thanks to all the guests and I look forward to seeing you all soon on another event.

Thanks to all the team it was great working with you all and thanks to the prison staff and making us so welcome.

happy hunting
Till next time

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Postby pauld on January 30th, 2012, 11:09 am


Thanks to everyone who has posted so far i have been to Lincoln three time now twice with HH and each time the activity has got slightly more intense.....not started to think about the possibilities of what we may get in Feb when we go back.

Ema and Tom great to see you once again i think it is your 3rd or 4th event that i have been with you !!!! Woodchester is different again a proper spooky mansion!! enjoy it and i am sure i will be seeing you both again.

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