Warwick Castle 3rd Set

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Warwick Castle 3rd Set

Postby Blackcat on September 4th, 2010, 4:27 pm

Good Morning all and welcome to the blog from last nights trip to Warwick Castle. Its always a pleasure to walk around such an imposing castle at night and I could tell from the guests initial meet that they were up for whatever the Castle gave us. After the usual walkround to familiarise ourselves with the building we collected our medium, Phillip Solomon for his perspective on the location.

His insight was facinating with many characters presenting themselves to Phillip to tell us about. The woman who committed suicide by walking off the top of the castle, A spirit on her knees praying in the tower and probably everyones favourite, John Bryant, the torturer in the Gaol. Some great images were caught with plenty of orbs and i hope they all make it back to the office to be added to this blog. My vigil was to hold glass moving and table tipping which wasnt very succesful so thinking on my feet as ever we did a sit and watch which gave us all the most amazing light show in the kingmaker exhibition. I will wait to hear from the other team members as to what they experienced in their vigils. The final seance was held down the Gaol with a few knocks and bangs happening and also a lot of grumbling noises..I am not sure whether this was down to grumbling stomachs or angry spirits.

I am sure that by the end of the night there were some very tired people but I am hoping you all got home safe and sound and look forward to hearing your blogs.

Thanks guys

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Re: Warwick Castle 3rd Set

Postby WILD KARRDES on September 4th, 2010, 4:41 pm

Hi everyone.

What an extraordinary night at Warwick Castle last night!

This was my first event at Warwick and I was really fired up for it but getting there was a challenge in itself and I found myself driving around and around until I eventually saw Philip Solomon’s car ahead of me – if anyone would know the way it’d be Philip!! But we ended up down a dead end in a housing estate completely lost!! Thanks to the two Aylesbury girls for rescuing us and showing us the way!

Once we got started, Craig led the group on a walk around at this fabulous location on a lovely starry moonlit night, with myself and Brad at the rear. We soon ended up in the old gaol/dungeon and after some history from Craig the group made their way back out. Myself and Brad saw a flash of light in the oubliette which we assumed to be torch light, so moved to the alcove to round up this guest straggler. As I approached I heard a shuffle of feet and I looked into the alcove fully expecting to see one of the guests…but there was nobody there!! Exit stage left sharpish with brown trousers!! What confirmed this occurrence however was my EMF, which recorded a 5.2mg spike within the oubliette at that very moment – fascinating!

After Philips impressive Medium walk around of the location, the guests were treated to a demonstration of his Mediumship abilities where he linked personally to members of the group. During this time, Brad and I wandered the castle taking some full spectrum pictures. The Kingmaker rooms were particularly creepy – if I get anything on camera I’ll post them.

The guests had an hour to explore the castle and conduct their own investigations and myself and Brad accompanied a small group into the tower where we conducted a watch and wait vigil. We started to hear knocking that seemed to come from the floor under guest Terry’s feet. As more guests joined us, so more weird occurrences were experienced. The knocking became louder, I had a breath on my neck who I thought was guest Craig at first which he firmly denied and many others had tingling, cobwebbing, breaths on their face and one of the girls was even prodded in the shoulder. Shadows were also seen as well some lights – interesting stuff.

For the vigils, I volunteered for the gaol/dungeon with the Ouija board. We formed a circle and did some quick energy work and I called out for the spirits to show us sign and to make a noise. I heard a familiar ticking type noise which I identified instantly as being my wooden planchette trying to move on the wooden board!! Amazing! It was trying to move by itself – never experienced this before and I couldn’t contain a nervous gulp! Joining the board, we got an instant reaction with planchette moving strongly and with pace around the board and responding to questioning and we determined it was the jailor, John Bryant and he was not in a good mood! He was especially not impressed with me or with guest Kath who had encountered him before on a previous event. Many experienced cold drafts and feelings of a presence as I continued to wind him up, daring him to push me over. Suddenly, the lady (Karen? Sorry, I can’t remember your name  ) stood next to me staggered and fell into the man standing next to her! She later told me that she had had a definite push to her face! As a finale with the first group, we asked for John to move the chain cage hanging from the ceiling…which he did!!! Excellent work from this group with some brilliant action.
The jailor made himself know to the next group but the energy was weaker and I couldn’t get him to bite as I did with last group but we get movement on the board.
After a short break, I led the last group into dark of the gaol. We did quick energy work but it’d all gone very quiet. We joined the board and all the torches were put to darkness. After agonising minutes of inactivity, the planchette sprang to life moving with strength around the board and spelling out the name of guest Julie! I stepped back and allowed the Julie to take control to ascertain who this spirit was. Julie did great work identifying the spirit as that of her grandfather, asking him personal questions that only the spirit would know – the answers were just stunning. Julie’s grandfather conveyed a cryptic message involving a young relative named James and James’ father, Mark. Scott and Julie, if you get anything from the messages you received I’d be really interested in hearing about it – amazing stuff. A relative of Scott’s then came through which proved just as interesting but then John the Jailor stepped back into play and sent the board into mayhem! I’ve never seen a planchette move with such speed and violence before – it was incredible to witness – the board actually moved at one point and nearly came off the table. Excellent stuff!

The end of night mass séance in the gaol was interesting – there were knockings on the table and Host Craig and guest Kath were being pushed back and forth and kept giggling uncontrollably and many had drafts around them.

Really enjoyed my first time at Warwick, some really excellent and fascinating results. Brilliant work from the guests; thank you for you patience when things went quiet but I reckon everyone got something from the night in one way or another. Special thanks to Host Craig and to Medium Philip Solomon; fabulous as always.

See you in the dark on the next one…

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Re: Warwick Castle 3rd Set

Postby Julie_Ronaldson on September 5th, 2010, 12:36 pm

Hi everyone

Had an excellent night at Warwick Castle - stunning location.

Scott and I were truly amazed at the Ouija board session in the Jail section of the castle....I have been to a number of mediums and sessions such as this and at no time did anyone come through for me.

Having my grandfather come through with a message re my nephew - who has not been a well baby at all - was just amazing and so relevant to the issues the family have faced since James' (my nephew) arrival.

Luckily a lovely lady Katrina has recorded the whole session and is going to send us the DVD so we can start investigating the message further...we will let you all know what we discover.

Will definately book again soon!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a fantastic evening.

Love Julie and Scott xxx
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Re: Warwick Castle 3rd Set

Postby Katrina on September 5th, 2010, 1:09 pm

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to Thank the hosts & the medium for a fantastic night. This was my first experience with you guys & certainly will not be my last!

I had a few encounters throughout the night with cobwebbing, being poked, touched & on quite a few occasions feeling the presence of something & coldness.

The highlight of the night for me & many others was our time spent in the dungeon (jail) & dealing with John who seemed to be playing games with us. The most impressive part was when Julie's grandfather came through & gave her information regarding a family member, information she only knew about. Scotts grandfather came through also & connected with him, again only information he knew to be true. I recorded the whole session & it still gives me goosebumps at the accuracy of it all. I am sending this video to Julie & Scott so they can further investigate it, if anyone else would like a copy please contact me.

All in all my time spent there with my sister was something I will not forget.

Thanks again to Justin, Craig & Phillip for a fantastic night! :)
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