The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

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The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

Postby monalisa on August 15th, 2010, 12:47 pm

Hi Guys,

What a brilliant night we had last night? :D

The team last night was Michaela, Roz (from The Sal) and Myself.

Everytime I have the pleasure of Hosting The Salutation, I always go home with the biggest smile on my face! :lol:

This place at times is quite terrifying and very scary, but then it can turn its self around and be the most welcoming place!

The Caves will always be on the scary side, as it is completely black when the lights go out. As everyone knows, the floor is quite dangerous and no one can walk around, so when you see black shadows walking in front of you. Or if you have someone with a camera light on the background and you on concentrating on the light. All of a sudden something has walked in front of it and blocked that light, this is when that dread feeling comes over you!......... Bring It On!!! ;)

Last night, the guests, mostly consisted of our Ghost Hunters from previous Events, who had, had the the pleasure of Myself or Michaela, so it felt like it was a HH party haha! A brilliant time! :lol:

Throughout the night, we heard (a mans) grunting noise, feet shuffling, very cold spots, people being touched, tappings and keys being jangled. Also a little girls voice was heard a few times.

When we stood around the alter and receited the lords prayer, this really did wind the spirits up! Most of the ladies holding hands, felt like they were being pushed or feeling unwell and the coldness that just came and then went, was brilliant! :o

Upstairs, the cellar and the fuction room was a little quiet, but we got some good results in the Snug room with my wonderful spirit of all times. We did have a laugh with him and our language was very blue, but this is the only way sometimes to get the best out of them.
We did get some very sad spirits come through, who had died near to the pub, but who just wanted to talk to us, bless them! We also got a few personal messages come through.

I really hope everyone enjoyed last night? As we saw in the Snug Room, entertainment is also outside at 4 in the morning, that really gave us a good laugh! :lol:

And that is how I felt last night was all about. A relaxed, enjoyable, having a laugh, but also getting very jumpy and scared (especially when Jo kept screaming out lol!), when things were definetley not from the living!! :?

Hope to see you all again soon!

Michaela, as always, a complete pleasure and always a good laugh! xxx :D

Till next time, sleep tight

Lisa xxxxxx ;) :lol:
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Re: The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

Postby deadberties on August 15th, 2010, 2:16 pm

Hello Everyone,

Absolute pleasure to work with the lovely Lisa :P

Great to see so many returning guests, some of you are like old friends now. (Though less of the old!)

It was SPOOKY in the cave, I had forgotten how very dark it gets although strangley at times it seemed as if you could see in the vast darkness.

We had so many things happening, so many times I thought feet shuffling was a guest but everyone swore it wasn't them. Best was the sound of leather boots creaking, but no one had leather boots on!

As we recited the Lord's prayer, I felt a vast cold with me and Karen and heard sounds to the left of me :( Karen felt a cobweb effect on her face and we smelt poo and talc!!!!? It was certainly hair raising as we called the spirits forward...

Many experienced shadows moving around and 'something' in front of them and the jingle of the keys was fabulous. We had some high pitched sounds and I definately heard a male rumbling voice as Lisa called out but no men were down there with us.

As we moved upstairs, after the Nottingham late night floor show outside! - I took upstairs but 'cuse the pun but it was dead up here. Although Adrian stayed on his own and I think he had things happen later.

I went into the cave with The Grendon Girls and we had William, a little boy, come through and he gave a us some table movement. However, best for me was I saw something out of the corner of my eye and as I looked again thinking I was tired Adrian - who had now joined us - turned his head to look at the same thing, sensing something there. It was s hadow I saw move in the small cave with us.

Last thing I witnessed were the ladies in the bar who brought forward nasty Willoughby who spun the glass and sent it crashing to the floor!

All in all a brilliant night with excellent company and a few old laughs and spooky fun along the way. Everyone really gave it their all, thank you a every single guest. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Thanks too to Lisa who was fab, as always and lovely to work with Ross.

Til next time,

Michaela xxxxx :D
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Re: The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

Postby Bag9 on August 15th, 2010, 4:15 pm

Thanks for a wicked nite guys i always have a banging nite when you hosts are there!

I cant belive i managed more than an hour down in the caves even though your in the pitch black it still seems to go darker and darker and darker, i kept getting really strange smells keep coming past me, i also kept hearing the creak of leather boots which i thought was my mum but when she moved her feet round u could tell it wasn't her!
Really loved going on the planchete as we got a little boy called thomas come, and funnily enuff i had the name thomas in my head most of the nite then the great willoughby i love going where lisa is cause u can bet money on it willoughby's gonna be there even though he's a nasty bugga he doesn't scare me lol :lol:
Didnt really get much else anywhere else :cry:
Downer of my nite was having belly ache from start to finish which kind of took my mind of how scary the caves are but made it so i couldn't get into it like i normally do :cry: so i'll definatley be back again cause it's an awesome place

Thanks again hosts u always make our nites :D
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Re: The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

Postby madcatwoman on August 15th, 2010, 7:55 pm

Hi Guys
Thanks for a bril night, although i didnt feel well in the caves, i did have fun ! i managed to get an unusual photo in the cave, only took three, but 1 i can't explain ! dont know what i got at all, didnt see it with my eyes, but its def there on the pic!! will try and download it to the site ( but not very god with downloading things yet!!) not looked at the film footage yet, but will keep you informed!
Thanks again to Lisa Michaela and Ross for a great night, and hopfully will return to this venue in future.
See youall at Pendle next month, and at Grendon in Oct

xxMandyxx :D
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Re: The Salutation Inn 14th Aug 10

Postby adsilva on August 16th, 2010, 9:18 pm

a great nite at the sal on saturday nite, the caves are awsome. while down in the caves we all heard the jangling of keys and strange whimpering noise i'm also sure i heard footsteps while i was in the middle part of the caves. spent sum time in the pub itself but the caves are definately the best bit of the place. thanks michaela and lisa you were great, rite i'm gonna make a start on my videos i filmed there, cheers to everybody who was there it was great xxxxxxxx
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