Spooky Nights Ghost Hunts

What is a Spooky Nights Event?

Spooky Nights events are different to Haunted Happenings events in that they are usually shorter nights making them slightly cheaper and are more focused on getting straight into the vigils and investigation. On Haunted Happenings events we normally run workshops and tours such as Medium Tours and History Tours during the events whilst on Spooky Nights events after a walk around to get your bearings we normally begin the ghost hunting side of things right away.

Can Anybody Attend a Spooky Nights Event?

It does not matter whether you are new to ghost hunting or whether you are a seasoned ghost hunter, Spooky Nights events, like Haunted Happenings events, are designed to suit everybody. Those who have more experience are given more freedom and those who are new to ghost hunting get a more intense experience.

Are There Mediums or Psychics on a Spooky Nights Event?

Whilst Haunted Happenings events are more focused on the whole ghost hunting experience including psychic and history tours, Spooky Nights is more focuses on the ghost hunting vigils and experiments. This does not mean that we will never have psychics or mediums on a Spooky Nights event, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Why Does a Spooky Nights Event Cost Less?

Spooky Nights events are slightly cheaper than a Haunted Happenings event because the nights are normally shorter by 1-2 hours as there are no tours and therefore our costs are less which are passed back to our guests.

What is the Age Limit to Attend a Spooky Nights Event.

The age limit for a Spooky Nights event is 18 and over. The terms and conditions can be found by following the link below.

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