Project Hauntings Ghost Hunts

What is a Project Hauntings Event?

Project Hauntings events are designed to offer a more intense ghost hunting experience. With a maximum of only 13 guests on every event. This small group of people will ensure that you get to fully investigate with a small number of people which in turn will help in collating evidence of the paranormal. You will work with the team in identifying the most active areas and be able to carry out your own investigation within the event itself. There is the opportunity for a lot more freedom within the event due to the fact that there will be less people on it.

Can New Ghost Hunters Attend a Project Hauntings Event?

Project Hauntings is geared up for anybody, those who are new to ghost hunting and those who are seasoned ghost hunters. You will work with the team or alone to get the very best evidence of potential paranormal activity.

Why Is a Project Hauntings Event More Expensive than other types of events?

Because we take less than half the numbers on our Project Hauntings Events we have to charge out accordingly. We still have to pay the same amount of money to a location and pay our team to run the events regardless of how many people are on the event. Therefore a Project Hauntings Event can sometimes work out to be double the cost of a normal event. However, we have discovered that a lot of people prefer this more intense and intimate ghost hunting experience which is evident in the Project Hauntings Events that we have already run.

What age do you have to be to attend a Project Hauntings Event?

As with all ghost hunting events there is an age limit of 18 years and over. Please view our terms and conditions

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