30 East Drive Ghost Hunts - Pontefract
In August 1966 on a hot summer’s day an unsuspecting family, The Pritchard’s, moved into 30 East Drive, Pontefract...

Ghost Hunting 30 East Drive


The family members consisted of Jo and Jean, Phillip aged 15 and Diane aged 12. Strange things began to occur and on the day that they moved in a strange occurrence took place in the form of a dust floating around them that seemed odd to say the least.

This dust settled and in their efforts to clear it up, Mrs Kelly, the children’s aunt, went into the kitchen to get some cleaning implements only to discover a mysterious pool of water that had appeared on the kitchen floor. The pools of water then appeared all over the kitchen whilst they looked on in shock.

This was just the beginning and nobody could ever have predicted how much they would endure over the next several years. A foam which was green in colour would come out of taps and toilets even though the water had been turned off, lights going on and off repeatedly with no apparent fault. Cupboards shaking violently and objects being slashed. Pictures were shredded and plants mysteriously leapt out of their plant pot on many occasions. Furniture moved on its own even heavy sideboards.

The family had become terrified yet refused to leave their wonderful home. They became so used to the activity that they named the activist as Fred the Poltergeist. Many attempts were made to help the family gain some peace. Exorcisms were rebuffed as Fred mocked at them and people were attacked physically when he became angry. The walls leaked fluid on many occasions when attempts at splashing holy water were used. Fred became violent at times and lifted up objects, moving them in mid-air. Will your ghost hunt with Haunted Happenings at 30 East Drive make Fred angry? Are you brave enough to find out?

Fred concentrated most of his malevolent activity on Diane Pritchard who became the main focus of the haunting. Although it is thought to be rare for a poltergeist to cause grievous bodily harm, Fred made Diane’s life a misery. As she grew older the attacks took on a new level and she was dragged screaming up the stairs, her face was constantly slapped and she was pulled out of bed. Her hair was forever being pulled from her head. Diane ended up severely traumatized and with clearly distinguishable finger marks on her throat.

Haunted Happenings ghost hunts at 30 East Drive will help us to really find out what it is that is haunting this terrifying building and you can join us if you are brave enough?

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