The Fascination of Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting Equipment

We use a lot of equipment on our ghost hunts. This includes dowsing rods, crystal pendulums, EMF readers and temperature thermometers. I will give you more information about the Dowsing rods and crystal pendulums in a little while but the EMF readers and temperature thermometers are wonderful for getting some scientific feedback into what is happening.

EMF (electromagnetic field) readers can detect energy fields. They can be sensitive to electric cables and other such electrical equipment. However, the fascination with them is when they come on after they have been static in the same area and the actual atmosphere has not apparently changed. We have been able to outline shapes with it on some of our events from human forms to the shape of a small dog with tail. Laser thermometers can detect temperature changes.

Temperatures can obviously go up due to the amount of people in one area. However, if we detect a temperature change of more or less than 6 degrees we know that this is not natural. Many paranormal investigators have some very high tech equipment when they attend haunted locations and they use them well. The problem that we find with a huge range of equipment is that we spend a lot of time showing people how to use the equipment instead of ghost hunting.


Dowsing pendulums are fascinating. When watching somebody use a dowsing pendulum it is always up for interpretation whether that pendulum is being moved by the user. On ghost hunt investigations they are very useful when attempting to communicate with spirit. The ways to ensure that they are being used correctly are through demonstration and allowing the observer to use the pendulum on a personal basis. I will never forget the first time that I used a dowsing pendulum and was absolutely astounded by the fact that it really worked. It doesn’t matter whether people believe that it is being moved by the user it is what is believed by the user that is important. In order to gain the confidence of new users to this form of communication it is important that they become attuned to a pendulum and begin to know what their yes and no responses are. Once this is interpreted it can be used quite safely during a ghost hunt investigation.

The dowsing pendulum will swing in a particular direction for yes and in another direction for no. The user needs to ensure that they keep their arms and hands as still as possible. The word “stop” should be used between each question to ensure that the Dowsing pendulum settles before answering the next. This is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of it all. Watching a moving object stop on demand without any attempt by yourself to stop it is very mysterious.

Once you have ascertained the correct responses these forms of communication are fantastic to use on ghost hunts in very active areas when communicating with spirit.

As you can see the dowsing rods and pendulums are extremely fascinating and mysterious complements to the scientific ghost hunting equipment. However, it is important to recognise that they are up for interpretation due to the personal use of them. Filming equipment is an absolute must on any ghost hunt. We actively encourage our guests to bring as much filming equipment as they can to ensure that any activity is captured for evidence and prosperity. We know that the cameras can be distracting during vigils and séances so at these times we do ask our guests to turn their cameras off. Those with night vision without backlights are normally ok. The light of the camera can be quite distracting. At these times we normally have a cameraman who will film discreetly. On many of our events we put up locked off cameras to ensure that even the unused areas of the building are not missed whilst paranormally active. Many people love using cameras. Apart from the obvious which is that it allows them to film anything ghostly, it also acts as a security blanket and becomes something that people can focus on whilst they are feeling scared.

The biggest problem that we do have with cameras is when somebody forgets to shout the word “flash” before taking a picture and manages to blind everybody. People then begin to think that they have seen orbs for the next ten minutes whilst their eyes readjust.


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