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We have many locations on our website. Each is very different and very well researched. We look carefully at why people choose the location that they book for their ghost hunt event. We can see from our database that it can be mainly due to the area where the location is based. Many people do not want to travel huge distances to be part of the ghost hunt so will look for something nearer to home. Others may be so involved in the art of ghost hunting that they are prepared to travel anywhere to get their fix of the paranormal.

We have learned recently that we can actually work well without Mediums. This was quite by accident when our Medium was unable to attend an event at the last minute and we had to use our own powers of persuasion to communicate with the spirits. This worked so well that we now have investigation only locations where we do not use Mediums and our guests have to do all the work.

These are normally smaller and more intimate ghost hunt events which lends itself well to the work we have to do. A good example of this is when we went to the Georgian House in Derby and managed to get all of our customers involved to an extent that we were all as one on the event which really enhanced the ghost hunt for all of us.


We have some massive locations such as Warwick Castle, Colechester Castle, Alton Towers, Dudley Castle, Woodchester Mansion, The Galleries of Justice and many more. We also have very small locations such as Ye Olde Salutation Inn and the Skirrid Inn. We also investigate caves, mansions, prisons and Town Halls. Each location is unique and gives us something to write home about.

We get many phone calls from customers who really want us to say that if they come on a ghost hunt at a particular location there will be a lot of paranormal activity. We are honest with every customer and tell them that we never make anything happen and anything that does happen is not affected by us. However, we also make it very clear to them that we can never guarantee paranormal activity on any event. If nothing happens at all then it is bad luck but unavoidable. All we can do is set the conditions within our format and structure of the event to ensure that we have done all that we can to elicit any paranormal activity.

We have been very fortunate to date and have only ever been let down once by a location that had previously on many occasions been very active. However, that is the way the cookie crumbles and we cannot accept responsibility for the lack of activity. What we would be responsible for is if we panicked and made activity fit just to let the guests go home thinking that something had actually happened. I personally believe that our guests are very intelligent and deserve honesty about what they are witnessing.


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