The Fascination of Ghost Hunting

Behaviour Whilst on a Ghost Hunt

There has been a time when one of our guests was filmed throwing a stone during an event and he was immediately evicted from the ghost hunt. The reason for this is that the guests are informed of what would happen if they did do something like this and the reasons why. They all agree not to so when we see somebody doing it we have to ask ourselves what their motivation might be. I would be extremely annoyed if I had been made to believe that the stone throwing had been paranormal and then found out at a later date that it had been affected by somebody.

We take our role as an authentic ghost hunting company very seriously indeed and do not entertain any behaviour that puts our company name at risk.

However, it is also important to mention that there are times when we can act very abnormally during a ghost hunt event. We do take this into consideration when behaviour is out of character or bizarre. I have been on a ghost hunt where I have felt completely ok and I was thinking about what we were doing next and then found myself on the floor wailing loudly.

This was not only extremely embarrassing to say the least but also completely out of character. I prefer to do my crying in private and there I was unashamedly letting everybody have the benefit of my angst. This really was not normal behaviour for me and it has helped me to realise and to understand that people can be overcome, either with emotion or in a spirit sense. The reason that I am mentioning this is because people do sometimes behave out of character during ghost hunt events and instead of condemning them immediately to eviction we do need to know why they have behaved in the ways that they have in order to eliminate any paranormal activity.


There are those though that do attention seek during an event and can spoil things for other people. What I found very interesting however, is that people can tend to work out for themselves whether somebody’s behaviour is authentic or made up. Whilst in the caves of Nottingham one of our guests seemed to throw himself on the floor after the hosting asking spirit to push somebody.

It was pitch black and nobody saw this actually happen but when the torches were put on after the huge amount of noise we saw a guest on all fours as if in freeze frame waiting to be witnessed. I found it very difficult for him when nobody apart from the team even bothered to ask him if he was ok as it seemed so obvious that this was not paranormal behaviour we had witnessed. However, it was very difficult to accuse him of anything as it is up for interpretation. All I can say is that he remained very quiet throughout the rest of the ghost hunt investigation.

Fortunately this does not happen very often and most people do not want to see put on behaviour, they are there to witness authentic paranormal activity.

Other types of behaviour that are up for interpretation are involved with people’s senses. Obviously everybody is entitled to say how they feel and what they are seeing or sensing. Mediums in particular have a huge role in describing what they are picking up in a paranormal sense. This is expected from them and can really enhance an event when the Medium picks up on facts that can be verified. What I find difficult is that whilst with Mediums I can sometimes feel quite excluded from things. When somebody is telling me that there is someone standing in the corner I would like to see or sense this as well. All I have to rely on is what I am told by the Medium and this can make me feel as if I have no part to play in this element of the ghost hunt.

Although very interesting I too would like to know how to make sense of what I am being told. I know that we often have sensitive guests that pick up on things throughout the ghost hunt and again I begin to feel excluded. This is most definitely personal to me which I obviously do recognise but I wonder how many other people feel this way.

I have also found that people are very polite whilst on a ghost hunt event. They seem to have more tolerance and patience with themselves and for each other. This actually fascinates me because I am a psychotherapist by profession and I wonder if it is because almost everybody is out of their comfort zone.

Their confidence in themselves and their normal ways of behaving seem to change and they tend to fall in with what is being asked of them in a much more docile fashion. This leads me to believe that the team have a huge responsibility when it comes to our ghost hunting events and it shows me how important structure and boundaries are within an event. I am not saying it is like this for everybody but generally it feels as if this is what is happening.

Whilst I have talked about the politeness of people there are also those that could learn a lot from them. On some of our events we have had customers who talk over everybody and do not seem to have any regard for members of the team who may be talking to the group at the time. We let them have the benefit of the doubt for a short while and then we begin to sort it out.

I have found that the best way and kindest way of dealing with customers who find it difficult to respect others that silence is a great way of getting through to them. It leaves them talking to everybody when they thought that they were having a conversation with their friend. When you do this once or twice it soon shuts them up. One of the most important controls that we have relates to movement. It is sometimes almost impossible to get that through to some guests. We have regular breaks within the ghost hunt event and this is when we ask our guests to use the loo and have a drink etc.

Whilst carrying out a vigil and getting all excited because we have heard clear footsteps it is very upsetting when we find that somebody has come out of their vigil to go to the toilet and not thought about the other vigils going on. This is always a problem because nobody has the right to deprive anybody of going to the loo when they need to go but it is extremely annoying at times.

We will talk about the controls that we have in place on a ghost hunt event with Haunted Happenings later on but needless to say they are very important to any ghost hunt event and a lack of them ensures that the ghost hunt event is not successful. Yet, when they are strongly upheld it ensures that whatever paranormal activity is witnessed the event is deemed to be successful due to the efforts put in by everybody under a good structure and excellent controls.

We get regular feedback about our events and this is usually very good. Haunted Happenings work very hard to ensure that all of our guests are given the best event possible by working hard and incorporating all of the above ingredients into the ghost hunt itself. We also recognise that things can happen beyond our control and just by recognising that fact it helps us to retain an element of solidity when dealing with those unusual things that can happen.


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