The Fascination of Ghost Hunting

Beginnings of a Ghost Hunt Event

Before we even consider offering our clients a location to investigate we have to do a lot of work in preparation. Once we have researched our location as being haunted by carrying out our own investigation, we then have to look at the logistics of holding a public event at the location. This preparation includes the Health and Safety of the location, the feasibility of allowing a group of customers to move freely around the location and also the expense associated with the location. On every event we would expect a member of staff from the location to stay with us throughout the ghost hunt. We would have to look at the Insurance elements of the location and ensure that we are fully covered for anything that may happen through public liability insurance. Once we have the logistics out of the way we then get down to the costs. Many locations are extremely expensive to hire and we have to pass this cost on to our customers.

At Haunted Happenings we believe that the opportunity to be part of a ghost hunt should be affordable to everybody and we try very hard to keep our costs down to a minimum to ensure that it is inclusive to all. We even take deposits so that customers can book an event and pay for it later when they have saved for it.

The beginnings of a ghost hunt


With the finances sorted out we then have to put our event up on the website and attempt to make it look suitably terrifying in order for people to want to come. We never lie on the website and we never try to over exaggerate a location. However, we do want people to come to the event so we do put a taster up of the type of paranormal activity that has been found at the location just to give our customers an idea of why it is deemed to be haunted.

Many customers book in twos or threes but some book larger numbers. We originally thought that it would be problematic to introduce large groups into our public events but we have discovered that there is so much common ground between them and other guests that it has never been a problem. Nearly everyone that turns up to an event wants the same thing. This is that they want some kind of proof of paranormal activity. Even though they may seem giggly and excited or challenging and dubious they are still there and the fact that they are means they are expecting something from the event. I do think that many people are shocked by what can be seen to be bossiness on the events but the structure and the boundaries that we put in place are absolutely imperative to a good ghost hunt event and usually appreciated by all of our guests.


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