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Warwick Castle has a long and chequered history dating back almost 1,000 years and is without question one of the most active locations Haunted Happenings have ever investigated.

This sprawling and imposing Castle has so many truly haunted rooms and buildings to explore that it would take a week to do it justice and with direct links to some of the most significant events in English history a ghost hunt at Warwick Castle is certainly an experience you will never forget.

There are records of a settlement on this site dating back to 914 and the first proper Motte and Bailey Castle was built in 1068 following William The Conqueror's invasion of England. Attacked in 1264, besieged in 1642 and damage by fire in 1871, the Castle has nevertheless survived the ever-changing fortunes of history and remained under the stewardship of the Earls of Warwick and later the Greville Family as a private home until 1978.

Warwick Castle has featured in many of the most significant events in English history including The Wars of the Roses, The Gunpowder Plot, the Trial of Joan of Arc, the English Civil War and even the plot to undermine the succession of Bloody Mary to the English Throne - a move which cost one of the most powerful Earls of Warwick his head. Elizabeth I visited the Castle in 1572 and her riding saddle and handkerchief remain in the Castle's collection. For a full timeline of Warwick Castle's fascinating history please visit the Warwick Castle Website.

Old GaolOne of the most infamous ghost stories connected with Warwick Castle is that of Sir Fulke Greville. In 1628, Greville was murdered by a discontented manservant upon discovering that he did not stand to benefit from his master's will. His ghost is said to haunt the tower in which he lodged and many people have reported seeing the figure of a man in this area of the Castle and along the Chapel corridor.

Many people have encountered the malevolent spirit with an aggressive nature who lurks in the Dungeon and on one investigation in the Kingmaker (a labyrinth of rooms with waxworks at every turn) we experienced true Poltergeist activity when a coin was thrown towards the group from beyond the gates. During one Vigil in Caesar's tower the activity became so intense we had to leave the area.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature, light anomalies seen with the naked eye and physical sensations of being pushed and grabbed are all a common experience during ghost hunts at Warwick Castle and you will find it difficult to shake the feeling that you are being watched.

Your overnight ghost hunt at Warwick Castle will include:

• Workshops to teach you ghost hunting techniques and how to use equipment
• Vigils & Séances throughout the Castle's many rooms and buildings
• Ouija Board, Table Tipping and Glass Divination experiments
• The use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF meters and Dowsing Rods
• Time to explore the location alone and carry out your own experiments
• The opportunity for lone vigils (for the very brave)
• Refreshments and light snacks throughout the night

With exclusive access to this sprawling Castle and 8 hours locked inside its walls, the opportunities are endless for you to encounter true paranormal activity in one of the UKs most notoriously haunted locations. Will you witness the mysterious flash of light which happens in Guy's Tower or hear the heavy footsteps from the empty rooms above? Join Haunted Happenings at Warwick Castle and together we will find out. Are you brave enough?


Warwick Castle is by far my favourite location to date and I will definitely be back to explore this one again. Thanks to the HH team for a fantastic night; professional as always. See you all at my next ghost hunting experience. Who knows where i'm going next, Warwick Castle is going to take some beating!!!
Mandy - Ghost Hunts at Warwick Castle
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